PDB Chemical Component FMT

The following tables include covalent bond distance, bond angle and torsion angle values for the experimental model and ideal geometries stored in the definition for this chemical component.

Bond Distances for FMT

Atom I Atom J Distance (Experimental Model) Distance (Ideal Model)
C O1 1.643 1.208
C O2 1.482 1.341
C H 1.079 1.080
O2 HO2 0.950 0.967

Bond Angles for FMT

Atom I Atom J Atom K Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
O1 C O2 118.2 120.0
O1 C H 120.9 120.0
O2 C H 120.9 120.0
C O2 HO2 109.5 117.0

Torsion Angles for FMT

Atom I Atom J Atom K Atom L Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
O2 C O1 H 180.0 180.3
O1 C O2 HO2 0.0 179.9
O1 C O2 H 180.0 179.7
O1 C H O2 180.0 180.3
H C O2 HO2 180.0 0.3
HO2 O2 C H 180.0 0.3