PDB Chemical Component DEF

The following tables include covalent bond distance, bond angle and torsion angle values for the experimental model and ideal geometries stored in the definition for this chemical component.

Bond Distances for DEF

Atom I Atom J Distance (Experimental Model) Distance (Ideal Model)
FE O11 1.966  
FE O12 1.957  
FE O21 1.964  
FE O22 1.950  
FE O31 1.952  
FE O32 1.997  
O11 N11 1.359  
O12 C11 1.258  
O21 N21 1.334  
O22 C21 1.282  
O31 N31 1.378  
O32 C31 1.284  
N11 C11 1.335  
N11 C39 1.363  
C11 C12 1.576  
C12 C13 1.570  
C12 H121 1.100  
C12 H122 1.100  
C13 C14 1.559  
C13 H131 1.100  
C13 H132 1.099  
C14 O13 1.272  
C14 N12 1.386  
N12 C15 1.376  
N12 H12N 1.000  
C15 C16 1.558  
C15 H151 1.100  
C15 H152 1.100  
C16 C17 1.548  
C16 H161 1.100  
C16 H162 1.100  
C18 C17 1.550  
C18 C19 1.549  
C18 H181 1.101  
C18 H182 1.100  
C17 H171 1.100  
C17 H172 1.100  
C19 N21 1.378  
C19 H191 1.100  
C19 H192 1.100  
N21 C21 1.343  
C21 C22 1.588  
C22 C23 1.583  
C22 H221 1.100  
C22 H222 1.100  
C23 C24 1.559  
C23 H231 1.100  
C23 H232 1.100  
C24 O23 1.246  
C24 N22 1.374  
N22 C25 1.374  
N22 H22N 1.000  
C25 C26 1.568  
C25 H251 1.100  
C25 H252 1.100  
C26 C27 1.549  
C26 H261 1.100  
C26 H262 1.100  
C27 C28 1.542  
C27 H271 1.100  
C27 H272 1.100  
C28 C29 1.565  
C28 H281 1.100  
C28 H282 1.101  
C29 N31 1.400  
C29 H291 1.100  
C29 H292 1.100  
N31 C31 1.352  
C31 C32 1.559  
C32 C33    
C32 H321 1.100  
C32 H322 1.100  
C39 C40    
C39 H391 1.100  
C39 H392 1.100  
C33 H331    
C33 H332    
C33 H333    
C40 C41    
C40 H401    
C40 H402    
C41 C42    
C41 H411    
C41 H412    
C42 C43    
C42 H421    
C42 H422    
C43 N44    
C43 H431    
C43 H432    
N44 O45    
N44 H44N    
O45 S46    
S46 O47    
S46 O48    
S46 C49    
C49 H491    
C49 H492    
C49 H493    

Bond Angles for DEF

Atom I Atom J Atom K Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
O11 FE O12 81.4  
O11 FE O21 107.3  
O11 FE O22 81.6  
O11 FE O31 77.9  
O11 FE O32 159.3  
FE O11 N11 109.3  
O12 FE O21 88.3  
O12 FE O22 157.5  
O12 FE O31 117.9  
O12 FE O32 102.2  
FE O12 C11 113.6  
O21 FE O22 82.7  
O21 FE O31 153.8  
O21 FE O32 93.2  
FE O21 N21 109.3  
O22 FE O31 72.4  
O22 FE O32 99.0  
FE O22 C21 110.6  
O31 FE O32 82.5  
FE O31 N31 110.1  
FE O32 C31 111.1  
O11 N11 C11 117.8  
O11 N11 C39 119.8  
O12 C11 N11 117.9  
O12 C11 C12 119.5  
O21 N21 C19 120.7  
O21 N21 C21 117.3  
O22 C21 N21 119.5  
O22 C21 C22 123.2  
O31 N31 C29 120.2  
O31 N31 C31 117.0  
O32 C31 N31 119.1  
O32 C31 C32 121.7  
C11 N11 C39 122.4  
N11 C11 C12 122.6  
N11 C39 C40    
N11 C39 H391 114.8  
N11 C39 H392 117.7  
C11 C12 C13 113.4  
C11 C12 H121 108.2  
C11 C12 H122 107.3  
C13 C12 H121 108.2  
C13 C12 H122 107.3  
C12 C13 C14 114.5  
C12 C13 H131 107.8  
C12 C13 H132 106.6  
H121 C12 H122 112.6  
C14 C13 H131 107.8  
C14 C13 H132 106.7  
C13 C14 O13 119.8  
C13 C14 N12 119.0  
H131 C13 H132 113.5  
O13 C14 N12 121.2  
C14 N12 C15 114.1  
C14 N12 H12N 122.9  
C15 N12 H12N 122.9  
N12 C15 C16 110.4  
N12 C15 H151 109.2  
N12 C15 H152 109.0  
C16 C15 H151 109.2  
C16 C15 H152 109.0  
C15 C16 C17 113.6  
C15 C16 H161 108.1  
C15 C16 H162 107.2  
H151 C15 H152 110.2  
C17 C16 H161 108.1  
C17 C16 H162 107.2  
C16 C17 C18 108.9  
C16 C17 H171 109.6  
C16 C17 H172 109.8  
H161 C16 H162 112.7  
C17 C18 C19 112.0  
C17 C18 H181 108.6  
C17 C18 H182 108.1  
C18 C17 H171 109.7  
C18 C17 H172 109.8  
C19 C18 H181 108.6  
C19 C18 H182 108.0  
C18 C19 N21 114.2  
C18 C19 H191 107.9  
C18 C19 H192 106.9  
H181 C18 H182 111.5  
H171 C17 H172 109.0  
N21 C19 H191 107.9  
N21 C19 H192 106.8  
C19 N21 C21 121.9  
H191 C19 H192 113.2  
N21 C21 C22 117.2  
C21 C22 C23 115.7  
C21 C22 H221 107.5  
C21 C22 H222 106.0  
C23 C22 H221 107.4  
C23 C22 H222 106.0  
C22 C23 C24 115.3  
C22 C23 H231 107.6  
C22 C23 H232 106.2  
H221 C22 H222 114.5  
C24 C23 H231 107.5  
C24 C23 H232 106.2  
C23 C24 O23 120.0  
C23 C24 N22 118.6  
H231 C23 H232 114.2  
O23 C24 N22 121.4  
C24 N22 C25 116.2  
C24 N22 H22N 121.9  
C25 N22 H22N 121.9  
N22 C25 C26 109.1  
N22 C25 H251 109.6  
N22 C25 H252 109.7  
C26 C25 H251 109.6  
C26 C25 H252 109.7  
C25 C26 C27 108.3  
C25 C26 H261 109.8  
C25 C26 H262 110.2  
H251 C25 H252 109.2  
C27 C26 H261 109.9  
C27 C26 H262 110.1  
C26 C27 C28 114.8  
C26 C27 H271 107.7  
C26 C27 H272 106.5  
H261 C26 H262 108.6  
C28 C27 H271 107.7  
C28 C27 H272 106.5  
C27 C28 C29 107.9  
C27 C28 H281 110.0  
C27 C28 H282 110.4  
H271 C27 H272 113.8  
C29 C28 H281 110.0  
C29 C28 H282 110.4  
C28 C29 N31 109.6  
C28 C29 H291 109.4  
C28 C29 H292 109.4  
H281 C28 H282 108.2  
N31 C29 H291 109.4  
N31 C29 H292 109.4  
C29 N31 C31 122.8  
H291 C29 H292 109.5  
N31 C31 C32 119.1  
C31 C32 C33    
C31 C32 H321 128.5  
C31 C32 H322 133.7  
C33 C32 H321    
C33 C32 H322    
C32 C33 H331    
C32 C33 H332    
C32 C33 H333    
H321 C32 H322 78.0  
C40 C39 H391    
C40 C39 H392    
C39 C40 C41    
C39 C40 H401    
C39 C40 H402    
H391 C39 H392 98.6  
H331 C33 H332    
H331 C33 H333    
H332 C33 H333    
C41 C40 H401    
C41 C40 H402    
C40 C41 C42    
C40 C41 H411    
C40 C41 H412    
H401 C40 H402    
C42 C41 H411    
C42 C41 H412    
C41 C42 C43    
C41 C42 H421    
C41 C42 H422    
H411 C41 H412    
C43 C42 H421    
C43 C42 H422    
C42 C43 N44    
C42 C43 H431    
C42 C43 H432    
H421 C42 H422    
N44 C43 H431    
N44 C43 H432    
C43 N44 O45    
C43 N44 H44N    
H431 C43 H432    
O45 N44 H44N    
N44 O45 S46    
O45 S46 O47    
O45 S46 O48    
O45 S46 C49    
O47 S46 O48    
O47 S46 C49    
O48 S46 C49    
S46 C49 H491    
S46 C49 H492    
S46 C49 H493    
H491 C49 H492    
H491 C49 H493    
H492 C49 H493    

Torsion Angles for DEF

Atom I Atom J Atom K Atom L Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
O12 FE O11 O21 274.5  
O12 FE O11 O22 194.9  
O12 FE O11 O31 121.1  
O12 FE O11 O32 101.8  
O11 FE O12 C11 0.5  
O21 FE O11 O22 280.4  
O21 FE O11 O31 206.6  
O21 FE O11 O32 187.3  
O11 FE O21 N21 72.5  
O22 FE O11 O31 286.3  
O22 FE O11 O32 266.9  
O11 FE O22 C21 257.5  
O31 FE O11 O32 340.7  
O11 FE O31 N31 170.6  
O11 FE O32 C31 343.5  
FE O11 N11 C11 359.9  
FE O11 N11 C39 179.8  
O11 FE O12 O21 107.8  
O11 FE O12 O22 41.5  
O11 FE O12 O31 288.7  
O11 FE O12 O32 200.8  
O12 FE O11 N11 359.8  
O21 FE O12 O22 293.7  
O21 FE O12 O31 180.9  
O21 FE O12 O32 93.0  
O12 FE O21 N21 153.0  
O22 FE O12 O31 247.2  
O22 FE O12 O32 159.3  
O12 FE O22 C21 299.0  
O31 FE O12 O32 272.1  
O12 FE O31 N31 97.3  
O12 FE O32 C31 245.5  
FE O12 C11 N11 359.3  
FE O12 C11 C12 179.2  
O11 FE O21 O12 279.5  
O11 FE O21 O22 78.8  
O11 FE O21 O31 97.7  
O11 FE O21 O32 177.4  
O21 FE O11 N11 85.3  
O12 FE O21 O22 159.3  
O12 FE O21 O31 178.2  
O12 FE O21 O32 257.9  
O21 FE O12 C11 252.7  
O22 FE O21 O31 18.9  
O22 FE O21 O32 98.6  
O21 FE O22 C21 6.3  
O31 FE O21 O32 79.7  
O21 FE O31 N31 275.3  
O21 FE O32 C31 156.6  
FE O21 N21 C19 182.6  
FE O21 N21 C21 5.5  
O11 FE O22 O12 318.6  
O11 FE O22 O21 251.2  
O11 FE O22 O31 79.8  
O11 FE O22 O32 159.0  
O22 FE O11 N11 164.9  
O12 FE O22 O21 292.6  
O12 FE O22 O31 121.3  
O12 FE O22 O32 200.5  
O22 FE O12 C11 319.1  
O21 FE O22 O31 188.7  
O21 FE O22 O32 267.8  
O22 FE O21 N21 353.7  
O31 FE O22 O32 79.2  
O22 FE O31 N31 255.5  
O22 FE O32 C31 73.4  
FE O22 C21 N21 354.8  
FE O22 C21 C22 177.5  
O11 FE O31 O12 73.4  
O11 FE O31 O21 255.4  
O11 FE O31 O22 275.1  
O11 FE O31 O32 173.2  
O31 FE O11 N11 238.6  
O12 FE O31 O21 182.0  
O12 FE O31 O22 201.7  
O12 FE O31 O32 99.8  
O31 FE O12 C11 71.8  
O21 FE O31 O22 19.7  
O21 FE O31 O32 277.8  
O31 FE O21 N21 334.7  
O22 FE O31 O32 258.1  
O31 FE O22 C21 177.7  
O31 FE O32 C31 2.6  
FE O31 N31 C29 181.1  
FE O31 N31 C31 2.3  
O11 FE O32 O12 98.0  
O11 FE O32 O21 187.0  
O11 FE O32 O22 270.1  
O11 FE O32 O31 341.0  
O32 FE O11 N11 258.0  
O12 FE O32 O21 89.0  
O12 FE O32 O22 172.1  
O12 FE O32 O31 242.9  
O32 FE O12 C11 159.8  
O21 FE O32 O22 83.2  
O21 FE O32 O31 154.0  
O32 FE O21 N21 255.0  
O22 FE O32 O31 70.8  
O32 FE O22 C21 98.5  
O32 FE O31 N31 357.4  
FE O32 C31 N31 357.9  
FE O32 C31 C32 178.7  
N11 O11 FE O12 359.8  
N11 O11 FE O21 85.3  
N11 O11 FE O22 164.9  
N11 O11 FE O31 238.6  
N11 O11 FE O32 258.0  
O12 C11 N11 O11 0.6  
C11 N11 O11 C39 180.1  
O11 N11 C11 C12 180.7  
O11 N11 C39 C40    
O11 N11 C39 H391 274.1  
O11 N11 C39 H392 29.4  
C11 O12 FE O21 252.7  
C11 O12 FE O22 319.1  
C11 O12 FE O31 71.8  
C11 O12 FE O32 159.8  
O11 N11 C11 O12 0.6  
O12 C11 N11 C39 180.7  
N11 C11 O12 C12 180.1  
O12 C11 C12 C13 256.7  
O12 C11 C12 H121 16.7  
O12 C11 C12 H122 138.5  
N21 O21 FE O22 353.7  
N21 O21 FE O31 334.7  
N21 O21 FE O32 255.0  
O22 C21 N21 O21 359.7  
C18 C19 N21 O21 0.7  
O21 N21 C19 H191 240.7  
O21 N21 C19 H192 118.6  
C19 N21 O21 C21 177.0  
O21 N21 C21 C22 177.2  
C21 O22 FE O31 177.7  
C21 O22 FE O32 98.5  
O21 N21 C21 O22 359.7  
C19 N21 C21 O22 182.7  
N21 C21 O22 C22 177.3  
O22 C21 C22 C23 358.8  
O22 C21 C22 H221 118.8  
O22 C21 C22 H222 241.7  
N31 O31 FE O32 357.4  
O32 C31 N31 O31 359.9  
C28 C29 N31 O31 355.7  
O31 N31 C29 H291 235.7  
O31 N31 C29 H292 115.7  
C29 N31 O31 C31 178.8  
O31 N31 C31 C32 179.1  
O31 N31 C31 O32 359.9  
C29 N31 C31 O32 181.1  
N31 C31 O32 C32 179.2  
O32 C31 C32 C33    
O32 C31 C32 H321 80.5  
O32 C31 C32 H322 193.5  
O11 N11 C11 C39 179.9  
O12 C11 N11 C12 179.9  
C11 N11 C39 C40    
C11 N11 C39 H391 94.0  
C11 N11 C39 H392 209.3  
N11 C11 C12 C13 76.6  
N11 C11 C12 H121 196.6  
N11 C11 C12 H122 318.4  
O11 N11 C39 C11 180.1  
C39 N11 C11 C12 0.8  
C40 C39 N11 H391    
C40 C39 N11 H392    
N11 C39 C40 C41    
N11 C39 C40 H401    
N11 C39 C40 H402    
H391 C39 N11 H392 244.6  
O12 C11 C12 N11 180.1  
C12 C11 N11 C39 0.8  
C13 C12 C11 H121 240.0  
C13 C12 C11 H122 118.3  
C11 C12 C13 C14 68.2  
C11 C12 C13 H131 188.3  
C11 C12 C13 H132 310.5  
H121 C12 C11 H122 238.3  
C11 C12 C13 H121 120.0  
C11 C12 C13 H122 241.7  
H121 C12 C13 H122 121.7  
C14 C13 C12 H131 240.0  
C14 C13 C12 H132 117.7  
C12 C13 C14 O13 57.9  
C12 C13 C14 N12 237.1  
H131 C13 C12 H132 237.8  
C11 C12 H121 C13 236.8  
C11 C12 H121 H122 118.4  
C13 C12 H121 H122 241.6  
H121 C12 C13 C14 308.3  
H121 C12 C13 H131 68.3  
H121 C12 C13 H132 190.5  
C11 C12 H122 C13 122.2  
C11 C12 H122 H121 241.1  
C13 C12 H122 H121 118.9  
H122 C12 C13 C14 186.5  
H122 C12 C13 H131 306.5  
H122 C12 C13 H132 68.8  
C14 C13 C12 H121 308.3  
C14 C13 C12 H122 186.5  
C12 C13 C14 H131 120.0  
C12 C13 C14 H132 242.3  
H131 C13 C14 H132 122.3  
O13 C14 C13 N12 180.8  
C13 C14 N12 C15 181.0  
C13 C14 N12 H12N 1.0  
H131 C13 C12 H121 68.3  
H131 C13 C12 H122 306.5  
C12 C13 H131 C14 235.8  
C12 C13 H131 H132 117.9  
C14 C13 H131 H132 242.1  
H131 C13 C14 O13 297.9  
H131 C13 C14 N12 117.1  
H132 C13 C12 H121 190.5  
H132 C13 C12 H122 68.8  
C12 C13 H132 C14 122.8  
C12 C13 H132 H131 241.4  
C14 C13 H132 H131 118.6  
H132 C13 C14 O13 175.6  
H132 C13 C14 N12 354.9  
O13 C14 C13 H131 297.9  
O13 C14 C13 H132 175.6  
C13 C14 O13 N12 179.2  
O13 C14 N12 C15 0.2  
O13 C14 N12 H12N 180.2  
N12 C14 C13 H131 117.1  
N12 C14 C13 H132 354.9  
C13 C14 N12 O13 180.8  
C15 N12 C14 H12N 180.0  
C14 N12 C15 C16 266.4  
C14 N12 C15 H151 26.4  
C14 N12 C15 H152 146.8  
C14 N12 C15 H12N 180.0  
C16 C15 N12 H151 240.0  
C16 C15 N12 H152 119.6  
N12 C15 C16 C17 294.0  
N12 C15 C16 H161 54.0  
N12 C15 C16 H162 175.8  
H151 C15 N12 H152 239.6  
C14 N12 H12N C15 180.0  
H12N N12 C15 C16 86.4  
H12N N12 C15 H151 206.4  
H12N N12 C15 H152 326.8  
C16 C15 N12 H12N 86.4  
N12 C15 C16 H151 120.0  
N12 C15 C16 H152 240.3  
H151 C15 C16 H152 120.4  
C17 C16 C15 H161 240.0  
C17 C16 C15 H162 118.2  
C15 C16 C17 C18 179.8  
C15 C16 C17 H171 299.8  
C15 C16 C17 H172 59.6  
H161 C16 C15 H162 238.2  
H151 C15 N12 H12N 206.4  
N12 C15 H151 C16 239.3  
N12 C15 H151 H152 119.7  
C16 C15 H151 H152 240.4  
H151 C15 C16 C17 174.0  
H151 C15 C16 H161 294.0  
H151 C15 C16 H162 55.8  
H152 C15 N12 H12N 326.8  
N12 C15 H152 C16 120.5  
N12 C15 H152 H151 240.2  
C16 C15 H152 H151 119.8  
H152 C15 C16 C17 53.6  
H152 C15 C16 H161 173.6  
H152 C15 C16 H162 295.4  
C17 C16 C15 H151 174.0  
C17 C16 C15 H152 53.6  
C15 C16 C17 H161 120.0  
C15 C16 C17 H162 241.8  
H161 C16 C17 H162 121.8  
C16 C17 C18 C19 221.7  
C16 C17 C18 H181 341.7  
C16 C17 C18 H182 102.9  
C18 C17 C16 H171 240.0  
C18 C17 C16 H172 120.2  
H171 C17 C16 H172 240.3  
H161 C16 C15 H151 294.0  
H161 C16 C15 H152 173.6  
C15 C16 H161 C17 236.6  
C15 C16 H161 H162 118.3  
C17 C16 H161 H162 241.7  
H161 C16 C17 C18 59.8  
H161 C16 C17 H171 179.8  
H161 C16 C17 H172 299.6  
H162 C16 C15 H151 55.8  
H162 C16 C15 H152 295.4  
C15 C16 H162 C17 122.3  
C15 C16 H162 H161 241.1  
C17 C16 H162 H161 118.8  
H162 C16 C17 C18 298.0  
H162 C16 C17 H171 58.0  
H162 C16 C17 H172 177.8  
C18 C17 C16 H161 59.8  
C18 C17 C16 H162 298.0  
C16 C17 C18 H171 120.0  
C16 C17 C18 H172 239.7  
C19 C18 C17 H181 240.0  
C19 C18 C17 H182 118.9  
C17 C18 C19 N21 75.3  
C17 C18 C19 H191 195.3  
C17 C18 C19 H192 317.4  
H181 C18 C17 H182 238.9  
H171 C17 C18 H172 119.7  
O21 N21 C19 C18 0.7  
C17 C18 C19 H181 120.0  
C17 C18 C19 H182 241.1  
C19 C18 C17 H171 101.7  
C19 C18 C17 H172 342.0  
H181 C18 C19 H182 121.1  
N21 C19 C18 H191 240.0  
N21 C19 C18 H192 117.9  
C18 C19 N21 C21 177.6  
H191 C19 C18 H192 237.9  
C17 C18 H181 C19 237.9  
C17 C18 H181 H182 119.0  
H181 C18 C17 H171 221.8  
H181 C18 C17 H172 102.0  
C19 C18 H181 H182 241.1  
H181 C18 C19 N21 315.3  
H181 C18 C19 H191 75.3  
H181 C18 C19 H192 197.4  
C17 C18 H182 C19 121.4  
C17 C18 H182 H181 240.7  
H182 C18 C17 H171 342.9  
H182 C18 C17 H172 223.1  
C19 C18 H182 H181 119.3  
H182 C18 C19 N21 194.2  
H182 C18 C19 H191 314.2  
H182 C18 C19 H192 76.3  
H171 C17 C16 H161 179.8  
H171 C17 C16 H162 58.0  
C16 C17 H171 C18 240.4  
C16 C17 H171 H172 120.2  
H171 C17 C18 C19 101.7  
H171 C17 C18 H181 221.8  
H171 C17 C18 H182 342.9  
C18 C17 H171 H172 239.8  
H172 C17 C16 H161 299.6  
H172 C17 C16 H162 177.8  
C16 C17 H172 C18 119.7  
C16 C17 H172 H171 239.9  
H172 C17 C18 C19 342.0  
H172 C17 C18 H181 102.0  
H172 C17 C18 H182 223.1  
C18 C17 H172 H171 120.2  
O21 N21 C19 C21 183.1  
O22 C21 N21 C19 182.7  
N21 C19 C18 H181 315.3  
N21 C19 C18 H182 194.2  
C18 C19 N21 H191 120.0  
C18 C19 N21 H192 242.1  
H191 C19 N21 H192 122.0  
C19 N21 C21 C22 0.2  
H191 C19 C18 H181 75.3  
H191 C19 C18 H182 314.2  
C18 C19 H191 N21 236.1  
C18 C19 H191 H192 118.1  
N21 C19 H191 H192 242.0  
H191 C19 N21 C21 57.5  
H192 C19 C18 H181 197.4  
H192 C19 C18 H182 76.3  
C18 C19 H192 N21 122.6  
C18 C19 H192 H191 241.3  
N21 C19 H192 H191 118.7  
H192 C19 N21 C21 295.5  
O21 N21 C21 C19 177.0  
O22 C21 N21 C22 182.5  
C21 N21 C19 H191 57.5  
C21 N21 C19 H192 295.5  
N21 C21 C22 C23 181.4  
N21 C21 C22 H221 301.5  
N21 C21 C22 H222 64.3  
O22 C21 C22 N21 177.4  
C23 C22 C21 H221 240.0  
C23 C22 C21 H222 117.1  
C21 C22 C23 C24 313.8  
C21 C22 C23 H231 73.8  
C21 C22 C23 H232 196.5  
H221 C22 C21 H222 237.1  
C21 C22 C23 H221 120.0  
C21 C22 C23 H222 242.8  
H221 C22 C23 H222 122.8  
C24 C23 C22 H231 240.0  
C24 C23 C22 H232 117.3  
C22 C23 C24 O23 313.1  
C22 C23 C24 N22 133.1  
H231 C23 C22 H232 237.3  
C21 C22 H221 C23 234.8  
C21 C22 H221 H222 117.5  
C23 C22 H221 H222 242.6  
H221 C22 C23 C24 193.8  
H221 C22 C23 H231 313.7  
H221 C22 C23 H232 76.4  
C21 C22 H222 C23 123.5  
C21 C22 H222 H221 241.7  
C23 C22 H222 H221 118.2  
H222 C22 C23 C24 71.0  
H222 C22 C23 H231 190.9  
H222 C22 C23 H232 313.6  
C24 C23 C22 H221 193.8  
C24 C23 C22 H222 71.0  
C22 C23 C24 H231 120.0  
C22 C23 C24 H232 242.7  
H231 C23 C24 H232 122.7  
O23 C24 C23 N22 180.0  
C23 C24 N22 C25 180.5  
C23 C24 N22 H22N 0.5  
H231 C23 C22 H221 313.7  
H231 C23 C22 H222 190.9  
C22 C23 H231 C24 235.2  
C22 C23 H231 H232 117.6  
C24 C23 H231 H232 242.4  
H231 C23 C24 O23 193.1  
H231 C23 C24 N22 13.1  
H232 C23 C22 H221 76.4  
H232 C23 C22 H222 313.6  
C22 C23 H232 C24 123.3  
C22 C23 H232 H231 241.6  
C24 C23 H232 H231 118.4  
H232 C23 C24 O23 70.4  
H232 C23 C24 N22 250.4  
O23 C24 C23 H231 193.1  
O23 C24 C23 H232 70.4  
C23 C24 O23 N22 180.0  
O23 C24 N22 C25 0.5  
O23 C24 N22 H22N 180.5  
N22 C24 C23 H231 13.1  
N22 C24 C23 H232 250.4  
C23 C24 N22 O23 180.0  
C25 N22 C24 H22N 180.0  
C24 N22 C25 C26 152.0  
C24 N22 C25 H251 272.0  
C24 N22 C25 H252 31.8  
C24 N22 C25 H22N 180.0  
C26 C25 N22 H251 240.0  
C26 C25 N22 H252 120.2  
N22 C25 C26 C27 326.1  
N22 C25 C26 H261 86.1  
N22 C25 C26 H262 205.7  
H251 C25 N22 H252 240.2  
C24 N22 H22N C25 180.0  
H22N N22 C25 C26 332.0  
H22N N22 C25 H251 92.0  
H22N N22 C25 H252 211.8  
C26 C25 N22 H22N 332.0  
N22 C25 C26 H251 120.0  
N22 C25 C26 H252 239.8  
H251 C25 C26 H252 119.9  
C27 C26 C25 H261 240.0  
C27 C26 C25 H262 120.5  
C25 C26 C27 C28 230.7  
C25 C26 C27 H271 350.7  
C25 C26 C27 H272 113.1  
H261 C26 C25 H262 240.5  
H251 C25 N22 H22N 92.0  
N22 C25 H251 C26 240.3  
N22 C25 H251 H252 120.1  
C26 C25 H251 H252 239.8  
H251 C25 C26 C27 206.2  
H251 C25 C26 H261 326.1  
H251 C25 C26 H262 85.7  
H252 C25 N22 H22N 211.8  
N22 C25 H252 C26 119.8  
N22 C25 H252 H251 239.9  
C26 C25 H252 H251 120.1  
H252 C25 C26 C27 86.3  
H252 C25 C26 H261 206.3  
H252 C25 C26 H262 325.8  
C27 C26 C25 H251 206.2  
C27 C26 C25 H252 86.3  
C25 C26 C27 H261 120.0  
C25 C26 C27 H262 239.5  
H261 C26 C27 H262 119.5  
C28 C27 C26 H271 240.0  
C28 C27 C26 H272 117.6  
C26 C27 C28 C29 175.3  
C26 C27 C28 H281 295.3  
C26 C27 C28 H282 54.6  
H271 C27 C26 H272 237.6  
H261 C26 C25 H251 326.1  
H261 C26 C25 H252 206.3  
C25 C26 H261 C27 241.0  
C25 C26 H261 H262 120.5  
C27 C26 H261 H262 239.5  
H261 C26 C27 C28 110.8  
H261 C26 C27 H271 230.7  
H261 C26 C27 H272 353.2  
H262 C26 C25 H251 85.7  
H262 C26 C25 H252 325.8  
C25 C26 H262 C27 119.4  
C25 C26 H262 H261 239.7  
C27 C26 H262 H261 120.3  
H262 C26 C27 C28 351.2  
H262 C26 C27 H271 111.2  
H262 C26 C27 H272 233.6  
C28 C27 C26 H261 110.8  
C28 C27 C26 H262 351.2  
C26 C27 C28 H271 120.0  
C26 C27 C28 H272 242.4  
H271 C27 C28 H272 122.4  
C29 C28 C27 H281 240.0  
C29 C28 C27 H282 120.6  
C27 C28 C29 N31 284.5  
C27 C28 C29 H291 44.6  
C27 C28 C29 H292 164.6  
H281 C28 C27 H282 240.7  
H271 C27 C26 H261 230.7  
H271 C27 C26 H262 111.2  
C26 C27 H271 C28 235.7  
C26 C27 H271 H272 117.8  
C28 C27 H271 H272 242.2  
H271 C27 C28 C29 55.3  
H271 C27 C28 H281 175.3  
H271 C27 C28 H282 294.6  
H272 C27 C26 H261 353.2  
H272 C27 C26 H262 233.6  
C26 C27 H272 C28 122.9  
C26 C27 H272 H271 241.5  
C28 C27 H272 H271 118.5  
H272 C27 C28 C29 292.9  
H272 C27 C28 H281 52.9  
H272 C27 C28 H282 172.2  
O31 N31 C29 C28 355.7  
C29 C28 C27 H271 55.3  
C29 C28 C27 H272 292.9  
C27 C28 C29 H281 120.0  
C27 C28 C29 H282 239.4  
H281 C28 C29 H282 119.4  
N31 C29 C28 H291 240.0  
N31 C29 C28 H292 120.0  
C28 C29 N31 C31 174.4  
H291 C29 C28 H292 240.0  
H281 C28 C27 H271 175.3  
H281 C28 C27 H272 52.9  
C27 C28 H281 C29 241.3  
C27 C28 H281 H282 120.6  
C29 C28 H281 H282 239.3  
H281 C28 C29 N31 164.5  
H281 C28 C29 H291 284.6  
H281 C28 C29 H292 44.6  
H282 C28 C27 H271 294.6  
H282 C28 C27 H272 172.2  
C27 C28 H282 C29 119.1  
C27 C28 H282 H281 239.6  
C29 C28 H282 H281 120.5  
H282 C28 C29 N31 45.2  
H282 C28 C29 H291 165.2  
H282 C28 C29 H292 285.2  
O31 N31 C29 C31 181.3  
O32 C31 N31 C29 181.1  
N31 C29 C28 H281 164.5  
N31 C29 C28 H282 45.2  
C28 C29 N31 H291 120.0  
C28 C29 N31 H292 240.0  
H291 C29 N31 H292 120.0  
C29 N31 C31 C32 0.4  
H291 C29 C28 H281 284.6  
H291 C29 C28 H282 165.2  
C28 C29 H291 N31 239.9  
C28 C29 H291 H292 120.0  
N31 C29 H291 H292 240.1  
H291 C29 N31 C31 54.4  
H292 C29 C28 H281 44.6  
H292 C29 C28 H282 285.2  
C28 C29 H292 N31 120.1  
C28 C29 H292 H291 240.0  
N31 C29 H292 H291 120.0  
H292 C29 N31 C31 294.4  
O31 N31 C31 C29 178.7  
O32 C31 N31 C32 180.7  
C31 N31 C29 H291 54.4  
C31 N31 C29 H292 294.4  
N31 C31 C32 C33    
N31 C31 C32 H321 261.2  
N31 C31 C32 H322 14.3  
O32 C31 C32 N31 179.2  
C33 C32 C31 H321    
C33 C32 C31 H322    
C31 C32 C33 H331    
C31 C32 C33 H332    
C31 C32 C33 H333    
H321 C32 C31 H322 247.0  
C31 C32 C33 H321    
C31 C32 C33 H322    
H321 C32 C33 H322    
H331 C33 C32 H332    
H331 C33 C32 H333    
H332 C33 C32 H333    
C31 C32 H321 C33    
C31 C32 H321 H322 137.1  
C33 C32 H321 H322    
H321 C32 C33 H331    
H321 C32 C33 H332    
H321 C32 C33 H333    
C31 C32 H322 C33    
C31 C32 H322 H321 227.4  
C33 C32 H322 H321    
H322 C32 C33 H331    
H322 C32 C33 H332    
H322 C32 C33 H333    
N11 C39 C40 H391    
N11 C39 C40 H392    
H391 C39 C40 H392    
C41 C40 C39 H401    
C41 C40 C39 H402    
C39 C40 C41 C42    
C39 C40 C41 H411    
C39 C40 C41 H412    
H401 C40 C39 H402    
N11 C39 H391 C40    
N11 C39 H391 H392 126.0  
C40 C39 H391 H392    
H391 C39 C40 C41    
H391 C39 C40 H401    
H391 C39 C40 H402    
N11 C39 H392 C40    
N11 C39 H392 H391 236.0  
C40 C39 H392 H391    
H392 C39 C40 C41    
H392 C39 C40 H401    
H392 C39 C40 H402    
H331 C33 C32 H321    
H331 C33 C32 H322    
C32 C33 H331 H332    
C32 C33 H331 H333    
H332 C33 H331 H333    
H332 C33 C32 H321    
H332 C33 C32 H322    
C32 C33 H332 H331    
C32 C33 H332 H333    
H331 C33 H332 H333    
H333 C33 C32 H321    
H333 C33 C32 H322    
C32 C33 H333 H331    
C32 C33 H333 H332    
H331 C33 H333 H332    
C41 C40 C39 H391    
C41 C40 C39 H392    
C39 C40 C41 H401    
C39 C40 C41 H402    
H401 C40 C41 H402    
C42 C41 C40 H411    
C42 C41 C40 H412    
C40 C41 C42 C43    
C40 C41 C42 H421    
C40 C41 C42 H422    
H411 C41 C40 H412    
H401 C40 C39 H391    
H401 C40 C39 H392    
C39 C40 H401 C41    
C39 C40 H401 H402    
C41 C40 H401 H402    
H401 C40 C41 C42    
H401 C40 C41 H411    
H401 C40 C41 H412    
H402 C40 C39 H391    
H402 C40 C39 H392    
C39 C40 H402 C41    
C39 C40 H402 H401    
C41 C40 H402 H401    
H402 C40 C41 C42    
H402 C40 C41 H411    
H402 C40 C41 H412    
C42 C41 C40 H401    
C42 C41 C40 H402    
C40 C41 C42 H411    
C40 C41 C42 H412    
H411 C41 C42 H412    
C43 C42 C41 H421    
C43 C42 C41 H422    
C41 C42 C43 N44    
C41 C42 C43 H431    
C41 C42 C43 H432    
H421 C42 C41 H422    
H411 C41 C40 H401    
H411 C41 C40 H402    
C40 C41 H411 C42    
C40 C41 H411 H412    
C42 C41 H411 H412    
H411 C41 C42 C43    
H411 C41 C42 H421    
H411 C41 C42 H422    
H412 C41 C40 H401    
H412 C41 C40 H402    
C40 C41 H412 C42    
C40 C41 H412 H411    
C42 C41 H412 H411    
H412 C41 C42 C43    
H412 C41 C42 H421    
H412 C41 C42 H422    
C43 C42 C41 H411    
C43 C42 C41 H412    
C41 C42 C43 H421    
C41 C42 C43 H422    
H421 C42 C43 H422    
N44 C43 C42 H431    
N44 C43 C42 H432    
C42 C43 N44 O45    
C42 C43 N44 H44N    
H431 C43 C42 H432    
H421 C42 C41 H411    
H421 C42 C41 H412    
C41 C42 H421 C43    
C41 C42 H421 H422    
C43 C42 H421 H422    
H421 C42 C43 N44    
H421 C42 C43 H431    
H421 C42 C43 H432    
H422 C42 C41 H411    
H422 C42 C41 H412    
C41 C42 H422 C43    
C41 C42 H422 H421    
C43 C42 H422 H421    
H422 C42 C43 N44    
H422 C42 C43 H431    
H422 C42 C43 H432    
N44 C43 C42 H421    
N44 C43 C42 H422    
C42 C43 N44 H431    
C42 C43 N44 H432    
H431 C43 N44 H432    
O45 N44 C43 H44N    
C43 N44 O45 S46    
H431 C43 C42 H421    
H431 C43 C42 H422    
C42 C43 H431 N44    
C42 C43 H431 H432    
N44 C43 H431 H432    
H431 C43 N44 O45    
H431 C43 N44 H44N    
H432 C43 C42 H421    
H432 C43 C42 H422    
C42 C43 H432 N44    
C42 C43 H432 H431    
N44 C43 H432 H431    
H432 C43 N44 O45    
H432 C43 N44 H44N    
O45 N44 C43 H431    
O45 N44 C43 H432    
C43 N44 O45 H44N    
N44 O45 S46 O47    
N44 O45 S46 O48    
N44 O45 S46 C49    
H44N N44 C43 H431    
H44N N44 C43 H432    
C43 N44 H44N O45    
H44N N44 O45 S46    
S46 O45 N44 H44N    
O47 S46 O45 O48    
O47 S46 O45 C49    
O48 S46 O45 C49    
O45 S46 C49 H491    
O45 S46 C49 H492    
O45 S46 C49 H493    
O45 S46 O47 O48    
O45 S46 O47 C49    
O48 S46 O47 C49    
O47 S46 C49 H491    
O47 S46 C49 H492    
O47 S46 C49 H493    
O45 S46 O48 O47    
O45 S46 O48 C49    
O47 S46 O48 C49    
O48 S46 C49 H491    
O48 S46 C49 H492    
O48 S46 C49 H493    
O45 S46 C49 O47    
O45 S46 C49 O48    
O47 S46 C49 O48    
H491 C49 S46 H492    
H491 C49 S46 H493    
H492 C49 S46 H493    
S46 C49 H491 H492    
S46 C49 H491 H493    
H492 C49 H491 H493    
S46 C49 H492 H491    
S46 C49 H492 H493    
H491 C49 H492 H493    
S46 C49 H493 H491    
S46 C49 H493 H492    
H491 C49 H493 H492