PDB Chemical Component CZZ

The following tables include covalent bond distance, bond angle and torsion angle values for the experimental model and ideal geometries stored in the definition for this chemical component.

Bond Distances for CZZ

Atom I Atom J Distance (Experimental Model) Distance (Ideal Model)
N CA 1.464  
N H 1.020  
N H2 1.019  
CA CB 1.527  
CA C 1.519  
CA HCA 1.115  
CB SG 1.783  
CB HCB1 1.115  
CB HCB2 1.115  
SG AS 1.729  
AS O1 1.851  
O1 HO1 0.950  
C O 1.238  
C OXT 1.316  
OXT HXT 0.950  

Bond Angles for CZZ

Atom I Atom J Atom K Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
CA N H 108.6  
CA N H2 112.5  
N CA CB 108.6  
N CA C 110.5  
N CA HCA 109.5  
H N H2 112.6  
CB CA C 109.9  
CB CA HCA 110.1  
CA CB SG 111.1  
CA CB HCB1 111.7  
CA CB HCB2 111.7  
C CA HCA 108.2  
CA C O 117.9  
CA C OXT 118.6  
SG CB HCB1 111.6  
SG CB HCB2 111.6  
CB SG AS 114.4  
HCB1 CB HCB2 98.8  
SG AS O1 106.4  
AS O1 HO1 106.5  
O C OXT 123.5  
C OXT HXT 118.5  

Torsion Angles for CZZ

Atom I Atom J Atom K Atom L Angle (Experimental Model) Angle (Ideal Model)
H N CA H2 125.3  
CB CA N C 239.4  
CB CA N HCA 120.3  
N CA CB SG 178.0  
N CA CB HCB1 303.2  
N CA CB HCB2 52.7  
C CA N HCA 240.9  
N CA C O 302.6  
N CA C OXT 122.4  
CA N H H2 234.7  
H N CA CB 180.0  
H N CA C 300.6  
H N CA HCA 59.7  
CA N H2 H 123.1  
H2 N CA CB 54.7  
H2 N CA C 175.3  
H2 N CA HCA 294.4  
CB CA N H 180.0  
CB CA N H2 54.7  
N CA CB C 121.0  
N CA CB HCA 240.1  
C CA CB HCA 119.1  
CB CA C O 62.4  
CB CA C OXT 242.3  
SG CB CA HCB1 234.8  
SG CB CA HCB2 125.3  
CA CB SG AS 62.8  
HCB1 CB CA HCB2 250.5  
C CA N H 300.6  
C CA N H2 175.3  
N CA C CB 240.2  
N CA C HCA 119.9  
CB CA C HCA 239.8  
C CA CB SG 57.0  
C CA CB HCB1 182.3  
C CA CB HCB2 291.8  
O C CA OXT 180.1  
CA C OXT HXT 180.0  
HCA CA N H 59.7  
HCA CA N H2 294.4  
N CA HCA CB 119.4  
N CA HCA C 239.5  
CB CA HCA C 120.1  
HCA CA CB SG 297.9  
HCA CA CB HCB1 63.2  
HCA CA CB HCB2 172.7  
HCA CA C O 182.7  
HCA CA C OXT 2.5  
SG CB CA C 57.0  
SG CB CA HCA 297.9  
CA CB SG HCB1 125.3  
CA CB SG HCB2 234.7  
HCB1 CB SG HCB2 109.4  
CB SG AS O1 171.5  
HCB1 CB CA C 182.3  
HCB1 CB CA HCA 63.2  
CA CB HCB1 SG 235.1  
CA CB HCB1 HCB2 117.6  
SG CB HCB1 HCB2 242.5  
HCB1 CB SG AS 297.6  
HCB2 CB CA C 291.8  
HCB2 CB CA HCA 172.7  
CA CB HCB2 SG 125.0  
CA CB HCB2 HCB1 242.4  
SG CB HCB2 HCB1 117.5  
HCB2 CB SG AS 188.1  
AS SG CB HCB1 297.6  
AS SG CB HCB2 188.1  
SG AS O1 HO1 180.0  
O C CA HCA 182.7  
CA C O OXT 179.9  
O C OXT HXT 359.8  
OXT C CA HCA 2.5  
CA C OXT O 180.1